Our pastors

Pastors D. and Bruna have three children (Nicole, Benjamin, and Natalie), and one of the things they care most about is living a life of peace, joy, and purpose. If you know them, you will realize that this is not just a saying - they really mean it! Nothing is done unless it comes out of joy, produces life, or is a part of the purpose. As D. always says: “Today matters! So let’s make the most of it.”


They have served God at multiple Vine Church campuses, including Margate (Florida), Lusaka (Zambia) and Brooklyn (New York). In September of 2017, while they were still in NYC,  it became clear to both that God was calling them to Tampa. As they began to pray and seek counsel regarding this, things started falling into place, confirming the desire of their hearts.


Now, D. and Bruna are happy to answer God by starting this new life-giving church in the Sunshine State. One thing is certain, the assurance that people will be saved and families will learn how to live a life of significance.

Real love

We love people where they are. Nobody needs to change to be loved. They will change because they are loved.

Big dreams

We would never dream anything less than what God has for us. 

Therefore, dreaming big is just natural to us.

simple grace

Everything is received by grace and through grace. We would never try to conquer something by ourselves when Jesus has already given us.



Giving is a pleasure, an opportunity and it’s a moment where we imitate God.

Oh! And we just love it!


TEL: (718) 790.1626


2901 W BUSCH BLVD - UNIT 603

TAMPA, FL 33618

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